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SEAP analysis: Covenant Coordinators help streamline the process
To provide faster feedback to signatories awaiting results of the analysis of their Sustainable Energy Action Plan, the Covenant of Mayors Office and Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission have agreed to rely to a greater extent on the contribution of Covenant Coordinators. Indeed, as several provinces and regions are taking over the SEAP development process of their associated municipalities, they have developed specific methodologies upon which to base these municipalities’ action plans.

In light of this, - and in cases where the SEAP development process is overseen by a Covenant Coordinator - the JRC proposes to only evaluate the methodology developed by such coordinator, possibly along with a “reference SEAP”. The feedback provided for the said methodology / reference SEAP will automatically apply to all other action plans developed from this basis.

The Province of Girona, in which some 110 municipalities have joined the Covenant of Mayors, is among the first Covenant Coordinators to have been selected to take part in this new process.

The Provincial Council has developed a methodology following the Covenant of Mayors SEAP guidelines and conducted a Baseline Emission Inventory for the 221 municipalities of its territory. To simplify SEAP drafting and exemplify the developed methodology, the Provincial Council has put together a reference SEAP and four pilot plans have been drafted. This process is providing valuable guidance to municipalities from the area, who also benefit from financial support from the province for 90% of the costs related to the development of their action plans.

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