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Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Città Metropolitana di Venezia


Metropolitan Mayor - Sindaco metropolitano:Luigi Brugnaro
Country: Italy


Main contact: Massimo Gattolin
Position: Manager for Environment Policy


Create a 202020 coordination group inside the Province Organization to provide: Preliminary data collection; preparation of strategic guidelines for the adoption of the Action Plans of Mayors, and the promotion of the principles and accession to the Covenant of Mayors; monitoring of good practices, measuring the effects of the actions taken


Approaching to Covenant of Mayors: Provincial Guidelines
Category: Other
Description: The Province drew up and distributed a guideline document with the purpose to suggest to the Municipalities joining the Covenant of Mayors a common methodological approach in drafting, implementing and monitoring of SEAPs related to the specific provincial context.They contain:the framework of the Province in terms of energy potentialthe description of the Covenant of Mayors initiativeThe main methodological factors like BEI reference year, strengths and weaknesses of IPCC and LCA approaches, main emission sectors (municipal building typologies to be included in BEI and Action Plan, implications relating to the calculation of CO2 emissions from the various sources starting from the consumption data, etc.)It has provided opportunity for discussion with the technicians of each Municipality which helped to deepen some methodological aspects.

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