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Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Città Metropolitana di Torino


Country: Italy


Main contact: Silvio De Nigris
Phone: 00390118616883

Support provided to signatories

    Promote adhesion to the Covenant of Mayors
    • Dissemination of Covenant promotion materials (brochure, thematic leaflets, etc.)
    • Leverage of own communication tools (e.g. newsletter, website, mailing lists, etc.)
    • Organisation of events
    Provide financing to Covenant Signatories for the development of their BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Direct financial support: Budget allocated to the Covenant of Mayors in €?
    • Indirect support through staff assigned
    Provide technical support for the development of the BEI/SEAP and implementation of the SEAP
    • Political and/or technical working group(s) set up
    • Development or adaptation of technical guidelines
    • Consultancy commissioned for the technical support
    Facilitate exchange of experience between existing and potential Covenant Signatories
    • Inclusion of the Covenant in the agenda of its working groups, committees or other relevant fora
    • Support to peer-review and mentoring by experienced signatories
    Defend the interests of the Covenant in order to facilitate the adhesion to the initiative and the implementation of its requirements
    • Cooperation with the media
    • Organisation of meetings with key stakeholders (e.g. national government representatives, private or banking sector)
    • Actions to raise the political profile of the Covenant of Mayors
    Local Energy days
    • Support to signatories for the organisation of their Local Energy Days
    • Organisation of Territorial Energy Days


    Title Size Language
    Methodology for the SEAP drafting in the Province of Torino454 Koitpdf
    Supporting Municipalities in Covenant of Mayor Initiative102 Koenpdf

    Signatories Supported

    Signatories Population Adhesion Status
    Almese, IT6,37827 Jan 2010Monitoring started
    Alpignano, IT16,99327 Mar 2014Action Plans submitted
    Baldissero Torinese, IT3,78327 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Bardonecchia, IT3,16429 Jul 2016Adhesion
    Beinasco, IT18,18523 Jun 2010Monitoring started
    Borgofranco d'Ivrea, IT3,78018 Nov 2013Action Plans submitted
    Bruino, IT8,520 7 Jun 2010Monitoring started
    Buttigliera Alta, IT6,53715 Jul 2010Monitoring started
    Cambiano, IT6,18327 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Cantoira, IT55419 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Carmagnola, IT28,653 8 May 2012Monitoring started
    Ceres, IT1,08022 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Chieri, IT36,18827 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Città di Collegno, IT50,18518 Mar 2010Monitoring started
    Coassolo Torinese, IT1,57117 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Coazze, IT3,12528 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Condove, IT4,70423 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
    Cuorgnè, IT9,96328 Jul 2016Adhesion
    Druento, IT8,52226 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
    Germagnano, IT1,29317 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Giaveno, IT16,73020 Dec 2012Action Plans submitted
    Givoletto, IT3,50929 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Groscavallo, IT20523 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Grugliasco, IT37,870 8 Oct 2010Action Plans submitted
    Ivrea, IT24,196 5 Jul 2010Monitoring started
    Monastero di Lanzo, IT39628 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
    Moriondo Torinese, IT81627 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Nichelino, IT48,94620 Jul 2010Monitoring started
    None, IT8,03428 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
    Orbassano, IT22,34530 Nov 2012Monitoring started
    Pecetto Torinese, IT3,93027 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Pianezza, IT13,49127 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
    Pino Torinese, IT8,52927 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Piossasco, IT18,41227 Nov 2014Action Plans submitted
    Poirino, IT10,52018 Dec 2013Action Plans submitted
    Pomaretto, IT1,08726 Jul 2011Monitoring started
    Riva presso Chieri, IT4,37927 May 2015Action Plans submitted
    Rivalta di Torino, IT19,48327 Feb 2013Monitoring started
    Rivoli, IT49,68326 Oct 2011Monitoring started
    Rosta, IT4,68421 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
    Rubiana, IT2,39928 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
    San Gillio, IT3,104 8 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    San Maurizio Canavese, IT9,76328 Jan 2013Monitoring started
    Sant'Antonino di Susa, IT4,02326 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Sestriere, IT89229 Apr 2010Monitoring started
    Strambino, IT6,45622 Apr 2013Action Plans submitted
    Traves, IT56419 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Unione dei Comuni NET (Nord Est Torino), IT120,000 5 Oct 2012Monitoring started
    Vallo Torinese, IT78017 May 2010Action Plans submitted
    Varisella, IT82931 Jan 2013Action Plans submitted
    Venaria Reale, IT34,24421 May 2014Action Plans submitted
    Villarbasse, IT3,39522 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
    Volvera, IT8,62223 Jun 2010Monitoring started


    Energy observatory
    Category: Methods and tools
    Description: This action concerns the improvement of  energy data collection in all the municipalities of the Province of Turin.The resulting data base will be used to support the implementation of PAES and for own’s  Province Energy Report. Energy data are collected annually or biennally from distributors operating on provincial territory, from main energy producers as well as from major national and regional institutions. The data center - Energy Observatory – is used to monitor and  analyze the incoming and outgoing energy flows, to evaluate the energy dependence of the territory from external supply, to estimate the environmental externalities associated with energy use, and to provide the potential of smart grids and storage systems, also according to the actual geographical spread of renewable energy plants within the province.
    Signatories involved: All municipalities of the Turin province


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    Benchmarks Language
    Energy observatory en
    Promozione dei sistemi di gestione dell'energia nel settore pubblico it
    Promotion of network procurement, grouping public buildings and energy renovation en
    Valorizzazione in forma associata dei Titoli di Efficienza Energetica it
    Promozione dei servizi di trasporto a chiamata per le aree decentrate it
    Piano di sviluppo del teleriscaldamento it
    Promozione del mobility management d'area it
    Premio per l'Energia Sostenibile della Provincia di Torino it
    Covenant of Mayors: a look at the Province of Turin it
    ALL TOGETHER WITH 2020 IN MINDS! - Supporting Municipalities in the CoM en
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