Illustration Covenant Coordinators

Covenant Coordinators are public authorities that are in a position to provide strategic guidance, technical and financial support to Covenant of Mayors signatories and municipalities signing up to it.

Alongside financial assistance, Covenant Coordinators typically support signatories in conducting a CO2 emission inventory and/or a climate risk assessment, as well as in preparing and implementing their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans.

  • Covenant Territorial Coordinators are decentralised authorities, such as regions, provinces or grouping of local authorities,
  • Covenant National Coordinators are national public bodies such as ministries or national energy agencies.

The European Commission recognises them as important allies to support Covenant of Mayors signatories to meet their commitments and increase the impact of the Covenant.

Province of Alicante


President:Cesar Sánchez Pérez
Country: Spain


Main contact: José Luis Nuín
Position: Engineer, Environment Department - Director of the Provincial Energy Agency of Alicante
Phone: +34 96 526 84 02


Create an Energy Division in the Environment Department of Diputación de Alicante, by appointing an engineer to work closely with EUMayors’ signatories and the Budget Unit to finance Sustainable Energy Action Plans, local energy days…

Promote the Covenant among all the municipalities and encourage them to become signatories.

Develop public awareness campaigns.

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Agost, ES4,75230 Oct 2014Action Plans submitted
Agres , ES583 1 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Aigües, ES98427 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Albatera, ES11,76711 Jun 2012Monitoring started
Alcalalí, ES1,35011 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Alcocer de Planes, ES23822 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Alcoi, ES59,67530 Jul 2010Action Plans submitted
Alcoleja, ES191 6 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Alfafara, ES41828 Sep 2010Monitoring started
Algueña, ES1,457 4 Nov 2010Monitoring started
Alicante, ES334,67829 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Almoradí, ES19,60126 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Almudaina, ES11213 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Alquería de Aznar, ES52718 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Altea, ES21,739 6 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Aspe, ES20,30913 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Balones, ES139 2 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
Banyeres de Mariola, ES7,17425 May 2010Monitoring started
Benasau, ES158 5 May 2010Monitoring started
Beneixama, ES1,73824 Sep 2015Adhesion
Benejúzar, ES5,39423 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
Benferri , ES1,89925 May 2016Adhesion
Beniarbeig, ES1,85910 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
Beniardà, ES208 8 Aug 2012Action Plans submitted
Beniarrés, ES1,25411 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Benidoleig, ES1,18925 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Benidorm, ES69,01029 Jul 2013Action Plans submitted
Benifallim, ES12125 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Benifato, ES168 5 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Benigembla, ES50825 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Benijófar, ES3,79125 Mar 2015Action Plans submitted
Benilloba, ES78919 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Benillup, ES10420 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Benimantell, ES49912 Jul 2012Monitoring started
Benimarfull, ES43122 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Benimassot, ES11321 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Benimeli, ES41928 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Benissa, ES11,572 4 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Benitachell, ES4,65922 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Biar, ES3,67028 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Bigastro, ES6,76227 Jul 2009Monitoring started
Bolulla, ES42116 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Busot, ES3,13820 Feb 2012Action Plans submitted
Callosa d'en Sarrià, ES7,37025 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
Callosa de Segura, ES18,07914 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Calp, ES22,437 5 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Campo de Mirra, ES43723 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Cañada, ES1,24212 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Castalla, ES10,14313 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
Castell de Castells, ES442 6 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Catral, ES8,66326 Jul 2012Monitoring started
Cocentaina, ES11,51929 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Confrides, ES23211 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Cox, ES7,18825 Oct 2011Action Plans submitted
Crevillent, ES28,32824 Jul 2012Monitoring started
Daya Nueva, ES1,76521 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Daya Vieja, ES68130 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Dénia, ES41,67230 May 2013Action Plans submitted
Dolores, ES7,23715 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
El Campello, ES27,08125 Mar 2010Monitoring started
El Castell de Guadalest, ES22616 Jun 2014Action Plans submitted
El Ràfol d'Almúnia, ES65914 Apr 2010Monitoring started
El Verger, ES4,68828 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Elche, ES228,64723 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Elda, ES53,540 5 Oct 2012Action Plans submitted
Els Poblets, ES3,350 3 May 2010Monitoring started
Facheca, ES10430 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Famorca, ES52 6 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Finestrat, ES6,26531 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Formentera del Segura, ES4,21116 Dec 2010Monitoring started
Gaianes, ES44926 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Gata de Gorgos, ES5,98530 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Gorga, ES27421 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
Granja de Rocamora, ES2,41715 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Guardamar del Segura, ES15,59929 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Hondón de las Nieves, ES2,632 1 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Ibi, ES23,45614 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Jacarilla, ES1,94730 Jan 2012Monitoring started
Jijona, ES7,22622 Apr 2010Monitoring started
L'Alfàs del Pi, ES21,35730 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
L'Atzúbia , ES63222 Mar 2016Adhesion
La Nucía, ES20,02928 Jul 2016Adhesion
La Romana, ES2,46525 Feb 2010Monitoring started
La Torre de les Maçanes, ES743 3 May 2010Action Plans submitted
La Vall de Laguar, ES87228 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
La Vall d’Alcalá, ES17512 Nov 2010Action Plans submitted
Llíber, ES1,08014 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Lorcha, ES67625 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Los Montesinos, ES4,96625 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Monforte del Cid, ES7,658 5 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Monóvar, ES12,46010 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Murla, ES50917 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Muro de Alcoy, ES9,114 4 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Mutxamel, ES24,23226 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Novelda, ES26,29213 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Ondara, ES6,63214 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Onil, ES7,56528 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Orba, ES2,21625 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Orihuela, ES83,41724 Nov 2011Action Plans submitted
Orxeta, ES875 2 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Parcent, ES1,02011 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Pedreguer, ES7,43826 Mar 2010Monitoring started
PEGO, ES10,14429 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Penáguila, ES32430 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Petrer, ES34,75429 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Pilar de la Horadada, ES21,58813 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Pinoso, ES7,66330 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Planes, ES778 8 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Polop de la Marina, ES4,31317 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Quatretondeta, ES11529 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Rafal, ES4,13828 Jun 2012Monitoring started
Redován, ES7,62326 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Relleu, ES1,25826 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Rojales, ES18,82430 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Sagra, ES40825 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Salinas, ES1,58325 Feb 2010Monitoring started
San Fulgencio, ES7,38416 Feb 2017Adhesion
San Isidro, ES1,89127 Sep 2012Action Plans submitted
San Vicente del Raspeig , ES56,30229 May 2013Action Plans submitted
Sanet y Negrals, ES67022 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Sant Joan d’Alacant, ES22,804 2 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Santa Pola, ES31,52929 Jan 2010Monitoring started
Sax, ES9,69617 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Sella, ES58426 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Senija, ES62228 Nov 2011Monitoring started
Tàrbena, ES68627 Nov 2012Action Plans submitted
Teulada, ES11,824 5 Jul 2012Action Plans submitted
Tibi, ES1,65722 Feb 2013Action Plans submitted
Tollos, ES59 8 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Tormos, ES317 6 Apr 2010Monitoring started
Vall de Gallinera, ES60931 Mar 2016Adhesion
Villajoyosa, ES33,95117 Apr 2014Action Plans submitted
Villena, ES34,53025 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Xàbia, ES29,06727 May 2010Action Plans submitted
Xaló, ES2,79326 Mar 2010Monitoring started


Category: Financing schemes
Description: In June 2013 the President of the Province of Alicante, Luisa Pastor, presented at the Ceremony of the Covenant of Mayors work done in the last few years in the region and announced the presentation of the project ALICANTE GREEN LAND that includes actions on energy efficiency, mobility and sustainability with a budget of 80 million euros [70% supports the Covenant of Mayors initiative]. This project has been included in the Operational Programme of the Valencia Region 2014 - 2020 with the expectation that it can be co-financed by the ERDF.
Signatories involved: 125 municipalities (especially those 110 with their SEAP submitted who are eligible to receive investments)


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