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Covenant Supporters are defined as associations of local and regional authorities, networks, local agencies and not for profit organisations committed to support Covenant Signatories in their areas of expertise and different levels of: European; national, regional/local governance.

They leverage their advocacy, communication and networking activities to promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative and support the commitments of their signatories.

Covenant Supporters, with expert knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and financial framework under which they operate - be it at the national, regional or European level - are ideally placed to provide tailored advice to signatories and identify synergies with existing initiatives. They too are crucial partners of the Covenant of Mayors Office, especially considering their ability to adapt the Covenant objectives and messages in a way that makes sense to the realities on the ground.

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102 Covenant Supporters found.

Covenant Supporters Countries Signatories
Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables MD1
Alliance in the Alps AT1
Alpine Town of the Year DE
ANCI Emilia Romagna IT1
ANCI IDEALI The European Foundation of Cities IT11
Arco Latino ES1
Associação Nacional de Municípios Portugueses PT30
Association 'Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine' UA51
Association des Petites Villes de France FR
Association for development of Mountain Municipalities of Republic of Bulgaria (ADMMRB) BG
Association for Sustainable Development of Cities - SVAP GR
Association of Cities and Regions for Recycling and Sustainable Resource Development BE
Association of Climate Friendly Municipalities HU
Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities FI2
Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities BE8
Association of French Urban Communities (ACUF) FR2
Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania LT2
Association of Mayors of French Large Cities FR3
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