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Covenant Supporters are defined as not-for-profit organisations (associations of local and regional authorities, networks, thematic agencies …) with the capacity to promote the Covenant of Mayors and to mobilise and support their members and/or local authorities to reach the Covenant of Mayors’ objectives.

They take action on their territories and areas of expertise (e.g. energy, environment, water, air), and at different levels of governance (e.g. European, national, and regional/local) to promote the Covenant of Mayors initiative and support the commitments of their signatories. With expert knowledge of the regulatory, legislative and financial framework under which they operate - be it at the local/regional, national or European level – Covenant Supporters are ideally placed to provide tailored advice to signatories and identify synergies with existing initiatives.



Mayor of Copenhagen:Frank Jensen
Country: Belgium


Main contact: Claire Baffert
Position: Project Coordinator

Signatories Supported

Signatories Population Adhesion Status
Banja Luka, BA250,00030 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Sarajevo, BA300,00010 Mar 2009Action Plans submitted
Antwerp, BE512,000 9 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Bruxelles, BE176,124 7 Nov 2016Adhesion
Bruxelles-Capitale, BE1,048,491 6 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Gent, BE247,00010 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Burgas, BG226,00018 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Plovdiv, BG380,000 5 Nov 2009Adhesion
Sofia, BG1,378,00026 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Varna, BG356,48111 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Genève, CH191,360 4 Apr 2010Action Plans submitted
Zürich, CH390,082 1 Oct 2008Monitoring started
Berlin, DE3,439,13220 Jul 2010Monitoring started
Bonn, DE317,00025 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Bremen, DE546,45116 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Dortmund, DE580,95614 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Düsseldorf, DE597,102 8 Jun 2010Monitoring started
Frankfurt am Main, DE670,00011 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Hamburg, DE1,814,597 9 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Karlsruhe, DE304,619 2 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Koeln, DE1,019,30025 Sep 2008Action Plans submitted
Mannheim, DE311,34230 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
München, DE1,464,96210 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Münster, DE298,51828 Jul 2008Monitoring started
Århus, DK305,00019 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Copenhagen, DK528,20810 Jun 2009Action Plans submitted
Tallinn, EE413,727 5 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Barcelona, ES1,604,55519 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Bilbao, ES353,34021 May 2010Monitoring started
El Almendro, ES86014 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Gijón, ES277,19827 Sep 2011Action Plans submitted
Madrid, ES3,273,00028 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
Málaga, ES568,30518 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Murcia, ES439,88930 Oct 2008Monitoring started
San Sebastián - Donostia, ES183,30820 Jun 2008Monitoring started
Sevilla, ES703,20617 Jul 2009Action Plans submitted
Terrassa, ES210,94127 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Valencia, ES810,06410 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Zaragoza, ES700,80827 Apr 2011Action Plans submitted
Espoo, FI243,90011 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Helsinki, FI628,208 7 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Oulu, FI200,46620 Jun 2011Monitoring started
Turku, FI177,50420 Sep 2010Action Plans submitted
Vantaa, FI197,63625 Nov 2009Monitoring started
AMIENS métropole, FR177,34516 Dec 2009Adhesion
Bordeaux, FR696,364 2 Mar 2009Adhesion
Brest Métropole, FR215,64711 Dec 2009Monitoring started
Communauté urbaine de STRASBOURG, FR474,00014 Dec 2009Action Plans submitted
Grand Lyon , FR1,300,00024 Sep 2008Monitoring started
GRENOBLE-ALPES-METROPOLE (La métro), FR450,00017 Oct 2008Monitoring started
Lille Métropole, FR1,106,885 1 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
NANTES METROPOLE, FR600,00017 Oct 2008Monitoring started
Nice, FR520,00013 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Paris, FR2,265,88616 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Rennes Métropole, FR403,95018 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Saint Etienne Métropole, FR374,68010 Jan 2011Action Plans submitted
Toulouse, FR439,55317 Dec 2010Action Plans submitted
Birmingham, GB1,028,70012 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Bristol, GB441,300 3 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Edinburgh, GB486,12017 May 2011Action Plans submitted
Gateshead, GB190,50013 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Glasgow, GB612,00028 Aug 2009Monitoring started
London, GB7,800,000 6 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Manchester, GB520,00027 May 2009Action Plans submitted
Newcastle upon Tyne, GB284,30015 Jan 2008Monitoring started
Nottingham, GB278,700 8 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Sunderland, GB280,60014 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Tbilisi, GE1,100,00030 Mar 2010Monitoring started
Heraklion, GR142,11221 Mar 2011Action Plans submitted
Rijeka, HR144,04310 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Zagreb, HR790,01730 Oct 2008Monitoring started
Budapest, HU2,009,99118 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Dublin City Council , IE506,211 2 Mar 2009Monitoring started
Reykjavík, IS118,42710 May 2010Monitoring started
Bologna, IT374,56122 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Cesena, IT96,01126 Nov 2009Monitoring started
Firenze, IT370,05115 Feb 2010Monitoring started
Genova, IT661,88710 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Milan, IT1,300,00018 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Modena, IT183,11414 Jan 2010Action Plans submitted
Napoli, IT970,438 6 May 2009Monitoring started
Salerno, IT139,57925 Dec 2010Monitoring started
Torino, IT910,50419 Jan 2009Monitoring started
Venezia, IT271,00022 Jul 2011Monitoring started
Riga, LV650,64030 Sep 2008Action Plans submitted
Skopje, MK600,00029 Mar 2010Action Plans submitted
Amsterdam, NL731,289 6 Jan 2009Action Plans submitted
Eindhoven, NL210,333 4 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
Rotterdam, NL600,000 3 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
The Hague, NL482,51025 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
Utrecht, NL334,29518 Nov 2008Action Plans submitted
Bergen, NO256,60015 Apr 2011Action Plans submitted
Oslo, NO586,860 3 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Warsaw, PL1,680,000 5 Feb 2009Monitoring started
Lisboa, PT479,884 3 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Matosinhos, PT174,28320 May 2010Monitoring started
Porto, PT238,954 4 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Timisoara, RO329,55429 Jun 2010Action Plans submitted
Niš, RS255,518 6 Jul 2011Action Plans submitted
Göteborg, SE506,100 3 Sep 2008Monitoring started
Karlstad, SE90,00024 Sep 2009Action Plans submitted
Linköping, SE146,42216 Dec 2008Action Plans submitted
Malmö, SE320,00017 Nov 2008Monitoring started
Stockholm, SE829,41710 Dec 2008Monitoring started
Ljubljana, SI269,97210 Feb 2009Action Plans submitted
Lviv, UA758,35112 Jan 2009Monitoring started


Green Digital Charter
Category: Other
Description: The Green Digital Charter is a EUROCITIES initiative launched in November 2009. By signing the Charter, cities are demonstrating their leadership in the use of ICT to achieve their energy targets. Cities can do this through piloting new technologies such as meters that display real-time energy usage information, smartphone applications to inform travel choices, or motion-sense street lighting, to name a few examples. City activity in the field of green ICT is not limited to tangible actions however, and can include regulatory frameworks in the form of new policy or legislation, as well as setting up Public Private Partnerships with business, industry and NGOs. The Charter requires that signatories reduce their environmental impact through the use of ICT. This can be done in one of two strands: by using ICT as an enabler to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions, and by reducing the carbon footprint of ICT itself. In addition to the various pledges included in Charter, signatory cities commit to three concrete goals: Work with other Green Digital Charter signatories on ICT and energy efficiency;Deploy five large-scale ICT for energy efficiency pilots per city within 5 years of signing; andDecrease ICT’s direct carbon footprint in the city by 30% within 10 years of signing. As of July 2012, the following 28 cities have signed the Charter: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast, Birmingham, Bologna, Bristol, Eindhoven, Genoa, Ghent, Helsinki, Linköping, Lisbon, Malaga, Malmö, Manchester, Murcia, Nantes Métropole, Nice Côte d’Azur, Nuremberg, Reykjavik, Rijeka, Stockholm, Tallinn, The Hague, Venice, Vienna, Zagreb, and Zaragoza.


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