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The fight against climate change will be won or lost in urban areas. A vast majority of the European population lives and works in cities, consuming an estimated 80% of the energy used in the EU. Local administrations, as the closest government level to citizens are ideally placed to address climate issues in a comprehensive manner. More and more cities are thus deciding to take up the challenge, as shown by the growing number of Covenant of Mayors signatories.

Signatory cities vary in size from small villages to major metropolitan areas such as London or Paris.

The commitments for Covenant Signatories are linked to the European Union’s Climate and energy policy framework. These include the European Union’s climate and energy package for 2020 for signatories who have joined between 2008 and 2015 and the European Union’s 2030 climate and energy framework as well as the EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change for signatories joining after 2015.

As of October 2015, Covenant signatories commit to adopting an integrated approach to climate change mitigation and adaptation. They are required to develop Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans with the aims of cutting CO2 emissions by at least 40% by 2030 and increasing resilience to climate change within the first two years of adhesion.

The list of cities that have signed up to the Covenant of Mayors can be found below.

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Mitigation (2020 target)AdaptationMitigation (2030 target)

6698 Signatory profiles found. *

Signatories Population Commitments Status
Castelldefels, ES60,572Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Slobozia, RO51,778Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Pforzheim, DE119,000Mitigation (2020 target)2030 CO2 targetAdaptationMonitoring started
Giurgiu, RO69,345Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Vic, ES39,844Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Bigues i Riells, ES8,401Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Calella, ES18,627Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Navas, ES6,243Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Sant Just Desvern, ES15,811Mitigation (2020 target)2030 CO2 targetAdaptationMonitoring started
Sant Marti de Tous, ES1,160Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Sant Quirze de Besora, ES2,069Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Foligno, IT56,688Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Martigny, CH16,000Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Cervelló, ES8,393Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Heidelberg, DE144,948Mitigation (2020 target)2030 CO2 targetAdaptationAction Plans submitted
Badalona, ES215,329Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Granollers, ES60,658Mitigation (2020 target)2030 CO2 targetAdaptationMonitoring started
Montmeló, ES8,955Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Sant Marti Sesgueioles, ES371Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Münster, DE298,518Mitigation (2020 target)AdaptationMonitoring started
Torelló, ES13,808Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Ullastrell, ES1,864Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Torrelles de Foix, ES2,463Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Cerdanyola del Vallès, ES58,747Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Les Franqueses del Vallès, ES17,660Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Alpens, ES311Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Sant Esteve Sesrovires, ES7,202Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Avià, ES2,206Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Mediona, ES2,360Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
El Papiol, ES3,900Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Trikala, GR51,862Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Lassee, AT3,500Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Aguilar de Segarra, ES257Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Castellnou del Bages, ES1,021Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Corbera de Llobregat, ES13,843Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Sant Pere de Torelló, ES2,389Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
Cabrera de Mar, ES4,408Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Mataró, ES121,746Mitigation (2020 target)2030 CO2 targetAdaptationMonitoring started
Oris, ES301Mitigation (2020 target)Monitoring started
Parets del Vallès, ES17,500Mitigation (2020 target)Action Plans submitted
* The number of signatory profiles is lower than the total number of signatories. This is due to the gathering of signatories developing a joint SEAP under one single profile.
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