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Sarajevo Energy Days - Use energy smart!
Sarajevo Energy Days - Use energy smart!
21 - 23 November 2012 09:00 - 18:00
Sarajevo, Bosnia-herzegovina

Sarajevo Energy Days

Use energy smart!

21 November 2012 – 23 November 2012

Organizer: City of Sarajevo

Co – Organizer: German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

         Open Regional Fund for SEE Energy Efficiency

21 November 2012


Kindergartens (Playroom: Let's Talk about energy and preserve the environment)

In the playroom “Let's Talk about energy and preserve the environment”, children learn about energy and climate, why it is so important for all of us and how each of us, including the youngest children, can contribute to the rational usage of energy, prevention of global warming and protection of the environment. Through games, talks, reading, drawing, colouring of picture-books, making of scale models and other activities, all kindergartens in the City of Sarajevo area participate in the event Energy Days Sarajevo 2012.

Primary Schools ( Learning through play "Tell me about Energy")

In all first grades of primary schools in Sarajevo a class with the title "Tell me about Energy" will be held where the teachers will by means of a picture book and an educational game teach children about energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Furthermore, the elementary school pupils will through their projects, activities, drawings and essays show what they think how energy can be rationally used and saved.

High Schools („ A Lesson about Climate and Energy! “)

In all high schools in the City of Sarajevo area a lesson will be held for all first-grade pupils discussing the significance of energy savings, rational energy using, fight against global warming and adjustment to the climate changes caused by direct action of man and his influence on using the natural energy resources.

Energy Tour Program Discover energy in your environment 21 November – 23 November 2012

Through interactive exercises by using different exhibits and models, pupils will learn about energy. All experiments are designed so that the pupils can feel and try to produce energy. The Energy Tour is equipped by bulbs, generators and a lot of different models, including thermographic cameras for temperature visualisation.

The Project Energy Tour has an aim to animate young people, through interesting activities, to think and to actively participate in the topic.

Experienced Energy Tour lecturers will provide pupils with knowledge about energy, environmental protection, savings and they will learn how they can by themselves contribute in the environmental protection.

Info Days - days of open doors

Olympic swimming pool and Cinema City - info desks with promotional material: ways of acquainting and animation of the youth about smart use of energy.

22 November 2012


  • Welcome speech

  • Sustainable energy development in Bosnia and Herzegovina, commitments towards Energy Community Treaty and the EU integration process.

  • Experiences of cities in the region and Europe: Covenant of Mayors Initiative, Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and implementation of the projects.

  • Examples of good practices and successful stories.

23 November 2012

Experts meeting: Strengthening of the Network of Energy Efficient Capital Cities in SEE (NEEC)

Round table - energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy- real potential for development of crafts and small enterprises

Chamber of Commerce of the Sarajevo Canton will organise expert round table for its members and other interested craftsmen and entrepreneurs, on the new possibilities for development of crafts and small enterprises in the field of energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy as well as adjustment to new market conditions.

Organiser: City of Sarajevo


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