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The 6th EuroIndia Summit & Mission
The 6th EuroIndia Summit & Mission
16 - 23 October 2013 09:00 - 18:00
Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), Gujarat, India

The 6th EuroIndia Summit on “Greening Cities” will be held on 21-22 October 2013 at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh State, India with the official support of the Committee of the Regions of the European Union, EUROCHAMBRES and the Government of India. The European Mission will precede this Summit, notably 16-19th October 2013.

 Who is expected to participate?

Top leaders of Indian and European cities as well as member states or regions will attend the Summit to outline their respective visions of urban governance and their hands-on experience.

  1. Top representatives of leading Indian and European companies, academic & research institutions, NGOs as well as eminent professionals in the field;
  2. Senior level representatives of the Indian Ministry of Urban Development, host states and cities and officiallysupporting organizations are expected to inaugurate the Summit.

Highlights of the European Mission:

Huge pent-up infrastructure needs in Indian cities and massive funding provided by the J.N.N.U.R.M. have triggered the international emergence of Indian cities in search of the best urban practices and created unique partnership opportunities for European cities and regions and their stakeholders, notably in the field of Green technologies and environmentally sustainable urban development.

Your participation in the European Mission would be an ideal opportunity to showcase your city and its green achievements and expertise, share your best practices in sustainable urbanization with your Indian counterparts and promote your green tech companies, hopefully leading to enduring, multifaceted and mutually beneficial partnerships for your City and its corporate, academic, scientific and professional stakeholders.

The European Mission will give European Delegates an occasion to acquaint themselves with the needs of several cities in the three Indian host states before the Summit.

The European Mission is expected to consist of leading representatives of European cities and regions along with their stakeholders having technology and best practices in sustainable urban development to share with their Indian counterparts, be they civic or corporate leaders, scientists or academicians, and NGO representatives or professionals.

The Summit:

“Greening Cities” will be held over two days and will focus on the following key themes:

  1. Smart & Inclusive Cities
  2. Waste Management
  3. Sustainable Urban Mobility
  4. Water Management
  5. Energy Efficiency & Security
  6. Urban Heritage Management & Tourism Development
  7. Human Resources and Capacity Building

Here leaders and senior officials at national, regional, state levels will get an opportunity to examine how national or regional plans can be effectively dovetailed into sustainable urban development plans. Alongside this, civic leaders, urban planners and municipal officers will get an opportunity to examine visions of multiple cities, for instance, innovative aspects of their Master Plans and how implementation has led to inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

For more practical details, log on:

For registration, contact:

Organiser: EuroIndia Centre, European Business and Technology Centre and the Confederation of Indian Industry


Contact details: Frances Toussaint
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