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Summit CROENERGY 2013: Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment
Summit CROENERGY 2013: Sustainable Energy Finance and Investment
2 - 4 October 2013 09:00 - 18:00
Tuheljske toplice, Croatia

CROENERGY 2013 aims to identify ways of financing renewable energy projects usinginnovative financial instruments. At the same time, the programme will highlight the importance of regional co-operation by promoting energy efficiency investments.

The programme of the Conference has been conceived as an opportunity to enrich and strengthen regional cooperation by providing a forum for exchange of opinions, sharing and mutual learning between stakeholders and experts from Europe and beyond.

The event provides an opportunity for advanced and more experienced European partners to share their expertise and explore opportunities which new, enlarged Europe is ready to offer. Highlight of the central day will be ManagEnergy event financed by the European Commission and coinciding with the conference activities - leading European experts will voice their views in the area of ESCO financing and Energy Performance Contracting, followed by an afternoon session showcasing best EU practice examples in implementing sustainable energy projects.

A draft programme is available here for all interested parties

Organiser: North-west Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Fedarene

Location details: Hotel Well


Contact details: Koraljka Sabadin
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