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Future of the Covenant of Mayors: Survey shows citiesâ strong commitment and ambition!
Future of the Covenant of Mayors: Survey shows cities’ strong commitment and ambition!
12 October 2015 - 11:03

Following the 2030 EU climate and energy policy framework adopted in October 2014 and the new EU target of reducing CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030, the Covenant of Mayors Office, in collaboration with the Committee of the Regions, launched a survey to gather feedback from stakeholders on the future of the Covenant of Mayors.

Open all summer until 23 September, the survey has collected over 820 responses from stakeholders in 45 countries. Amongst respondents, 56% are cities and towns and 17% regions and provinces, reflecting the bottom-up roots of the initiative.

The respondents prove very ambitious as regards the future of the Covenant of Mayors: 97% of them want the initiative to continue beyond 2020 with a new CO2-reduction target, of which56% are in favour of a 40% CO2 reduction objective at least 84%   call for a voluntary long-term CO2 target which could consist in a CO2-reduction of 80-95% by 2050 (58% of the responses).

But the respondents’ ambition does not stop here. A great majority (81%) is in favour of energy saving and renewable energy commitments in addition to the already existing CO2 target, with the view to meet and even go beyond the EU objectives.

As regards the integration of climate mitigation and adaptation issues, 73% of the participants indicated that they should be brought together under one single umbrella initiative.

The feedback received has already been taken into account in the development of the New Covenant of Mayors, which will be officially launched and endorsed on the occasion of the Joint Covenant of Mayors & Mayors Adapt Ceremony to be held on 15 October in Brussels, unfolding a new chapter of the Covenant initiative.

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