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Covenant of Mayors highlighted as key example of "Energy efficiency first"!
Covenant of Mayors highlighted as key example of "Energy efficiency first"!
25 November 2016 - 12:54

In a recent publication by leading European think tanks, the Covenant of Mayors' approach to local planning is showcased as a best practice example of implementing the "Energy Efficiency first" principle.

The publication titled "Efficiency First: From Principle to Practice - Real World Examples From Across Europe" from the European think tanks E3G, RAP and ClientEarth, analyses a variety of examples in Europe that have put energy efficiency at the forefront of their actions, in fields such as energy infrastructure planning, building renovation or consumer policies.

The Covenant of Mayors is highlighted as a cutting-edge urban climate and energy initiative that "considers efficiency on an equal footing with supply-side alternatives in local energy plans". It is noted that the Covenant's local action plan template - SE(C)AP - encourages cities to make an "integrated and inclusive energy plan, that focuses on reducing energy demand and matches demand with supply by promoting the use of local resources".

The integrated local energy planning (energy efficiency and renewables) of the Covenant of Mayors is considered to be highly innovative, as it is more advanced than what is being done in energy planning on a national scale. In conclusion, the authors recognize that the Covenant's integration of energy efficiency into local energy planning is "remarkable and speaks to the requirement to have demand-side options front and centre".

It comes therefore as no surprise that according to an analysis by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Covenant signatories have reduced their energy consumption by 14% between 2005 and 2012, or by 20% in terms of per capita, thereby exceeding national-level ambitions!

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