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The Covenant of Mayors going global: Milestones and achievements
The Covenant of Mayors going global: Milestones and achievements
28 November 2016 - 16:00

The Covenant of Mayors was launched in 2008 in Europe with the ambition to gather local governments voluntarily committed to achieving and exceeding the EU climate and energy targets.

Not only did the initiative introduce a first-of-its-kind bottom-up approach to energy and climate action, but its success quickly went beyond expectations.

The initiative now gathers 7,000+ local and regional authorities across 57 countries drawing on the strengths of a worldwide multi-stakeholder movement and the technical and methodological support offered by dedicated offices.

The Global Covenant of Mayors – to be launched on 1st January 2017 - will capitalise on the experience gained over the past eight years in Europe and beyond, and build upon the key success factors of the initiative: its bottom-up governance, its multi-level cooperation model and its context-driven framework for action.

Discover the whole Covenant of Mayors' success story, and its progressive global expansion, through a brand new "Covenant of Mayors going global" webpage!

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