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Covenant Coordinators

What is the role of Covenant Coordinators?

Covenant Coordinators are considered by the European Commission as key allies of the Covenant of Mayors Office, as they play a decisive role in reaching out local authorities in their territory and providing signatories with the technical, financial, administrative and political support necessary to fulfil their commitments.

Typical tasks to be undertaken by a Covenant Coordinator include:

  • Promoting accession to the Covenant of Mayors among the municipalities in their area
  • Providing technical and strategic assistance to signatory municipalities for the development, implementation and monitoring of their Sustainable Energy Action Plans / Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans;
  • Provide financial support to signatories, either in the form of direct support (grants, subsidies, etc.) and/or via human resources allocated to technical support;
  • Support experience and knowledge sharing between (existing and potential) Covenant signatories;
  • Work in partnership with other Covenant National/Territorial Coordinators and Supporters to foster joint action and promote a coordinated approach;
  • Participate in  Covenant of Mayors activities
  • Report regularly, and not less than every two years, to the Covenant of Mayors Office on the activities carried out to support signatories

Covenant Territorial Coordinators accept their membership in the Covenant of Mayors to be put on hold, in case of non-submission of their annual implementation report in form of an online survey, by the Covenant of Mayors Office. Their membership may be re-activated upon duly submission of their implementation report.


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