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Key Actions

  • Smart meters project - domestic saving campaign
    • Description:

      Sabadell Municipality has engaged a domestic energy saving campaign to 100 dwellings in Sabadell, using a smart-meter energy device given to the families for a period of 6 months. The smart-meter provides on-time energy consumption in kWh, EUR or tones of CO2, and it is enhanced by a software, and intelligent energy user's manual included in the saving-kit. Beneficiaries should voluntarily apply to be enrolled under the saving campaign. Use, installation of the smart-meter and call -center is given freely by the local municipality. An estimated energy saving of 337 kWh/year saving per family. An overall of 100 dwellings are involved in the project so the final emissions saving is 144,6 Kg of CO2 per dwelling per year.By Dec 2012, 72 families and up to 202 people have benefited from the campaign, with an average of 12,53% electricity saving.

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    • Language:en
    • Sectors: residential buildings
    • Implementation timeframe:2010-2020
    • CO2 reduction:12
    • Implementation cost:42000
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