• 08 Sep 2021

    Climate Alliance International Conference 2021

    Organiser: Supporters

    With its newly minted Green Deal, the European Union is striving to become the first truly climate neutral continent by 2050, setting the course in fields ranging from biodiversity and agriculture to sustainable energy, construction and mobility. While the EU’s wide-ranging and ambitious goals will have a direct influence on municipal activities, our local action will, perhaps even more importantly, also be a decisive factor in the European Green Deal’s success. How we interpret these lofty plans and fill them with life on the local level is thus of the essence.

    How do we shape the future we want? How do we turn the challenges we face into opportunities for a better world? This edition of the Climate Alliance International Conference will explore how municipalities across Europe are already building on EU climate policy by making it tangible, working with stakeholders from around the corner and around the globe towards a just and inclusive transition for all.The 2021 Climate Alliance International Conference is being made possible both online and in Wels (Austria) with the cooperation and support of the State of Upper Austria, the City of Wels, Climate Alliance Upper Austria and Climate Alliance Austria.

    Programme and registration

    This event is an official satellite event of the 2021 European Covenant of Mayors Ceremony.