• 25 Apr

    Open European Day 2018 at Bonn Resilient Cities Conference

    Organiser: Others

    The fifth edition of the Open European Day (OED) will be held back-to-back with the Bonn Resilient Cities conference on 25th April 2018 from 8:00 to 17:15. It is organised by the European Environment Agency and ICLEI Local Governments of Sustainability with the collaboration of other projects and institutions and the participation of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy.

    European cities and key adaptation voices from different institutions will meet at the 5th OED to debate the most pressing issues around climate adaptation and urban resilience. Cities praised previous years’ editions as inspiring and informative, particularly due to their interactive format and the emphasis put on the exchange and discussions (the OED is PowerPoint-free zone). During the previous editions, between 100 and 150 participants attended, mainly coming from cities and local governments at various stages of adaptation and resilience development but also including adaptation and climate experts and professionals of the field.

    Last year’s edition focused on the broad climate adaptation topics of transformation, co-creation and innovation and hosted a dynamic and lively OED Marketplace, that will be organised again this year, together with tailor-made training sessions on key themes like water and flood management, disaster risk management and planning, vulnerability assessment and financing instruments and methods for adaptation funding.

    The Covenant of Mayors office will be moderating a session on Nature-Based Solutions featuring the Covenant signatories Cascais, Copenhagen and Thessaloniki: Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) has been showed as a cost-effective measure for adapting cities to climate change and for reducing the risk of current and future extreme weather events, with the added advantage of bringing multiple co-benefits. However, implementing NBS is complex and advantages as well as disadvantages need to be considered in comparison with other type of solutions upon the elaboration of adaptation strategies and plans. This session aims to:

    • understand how NBS can be used within a pool of adaptation options;

    • discuss on the motivation and benefits of using NBS;

    • provide an overview on the methodologies and stakeholders involved on the decision on using NBS in the city adaptation plan.

    Join the session and come find us at the Covenant stand in the marketplace area!

    For more information, please visit the event webiste  or contact lea.kleinenkuhnen@eumayors.eu or vasileios.latinos@iclei.org