• 08 Jun 2018

    Covenant of Mayors webinar: Have your say in the Global Covenant Reporting Framework

    Organiser: Covenant of Mayors office

    Taking place online on 8 June from 10:30 - 12:30

    Over the last 10 years, the Covenant of Mayors has become a strong community of local authorities committed to local action. Since 2008, this Europe-born initiative has evolved to meet the changing challenges and has progressively grown into a worldwide city movement. The resulting Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy counts today more than 9,000 municipalities across 6 continents and more than 120 countries, representing almost 10% of the world’s population – and your municipality’s commitment is one of the main reasons for this success!

    The current shaping of the Covenant as a global initiative will have a major influence on how local level climate action will be supported, recognised and made use of in the international and national processes. Together, the Global Covenant movement showcases the collective impacts of cities from around the globe, thus helping advocate both better multilevel governance on climate and energy issues with national and international decision makers. In order to streamline measurement and reporting procedures, a set of recommendations towards a common global reporting framework for city emissions inventories, targets, risk and vulnerability assessments, and climate action plans have been developed.

    This webinar is proposed by the Covenant office to introduce you to the proposed Global Covenant framework and present you the survey questions.
    A Q&A session will be proposed for participants to raise any questions they may have.

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