• 09 Dec 2020
    09:00 - 10:00

    Change mindsets and involve all stakeholders - Nature-based Solutions Breakfast #3

    Organiser: Others



    Change mindsets and involve all stakeholders

    NBS planning and implementation require a complex multidisciplinary approach depending on the cultural and social contexts in which they take place. You wonder how to set up appropriated organization models for NBS development? How to measure their social impact? From institutional systems to citizens and other key actors involvement, this third Breakfast will show how new models of shared governance can be levers for efficient and accepted urban NBS projects.

    > Marion Daniel, Plante&Cité
    > Sylvia Breuker, Duneworks (to be confirmed)

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    Take the opportunity to learn more about Nature-based Solutions (NBSs) by attending our 5 webinars programme. You will learn more about NBS, better understand why it is a major challenge to implement them in your city and how Nature4Cities can enhance it by helping you to remove technical, governance and economic barriers. In each session, you will benefit from the feedbacks of experts and urban planners who worked on concrete NBSs projects.