• 02 Nov 2015

    Mayors Adapt city twinning for urban adaptation: 22 cities selected

    Last summer, Mayors Adapt (the Covenant of Mayors initiative on urban adaptation to climate change) launched an online call for participation in its city twinning programme. 45 cities from 12 EU countries applied.

    After a careful evaluation of the applications by the Mayors Adapt team and the European Commission, 22 cities from 11 EU countries were selected.

    Cities that are starting their climate change adaptation work are connected to mentor municipalities that have already developed successful strategies to make their territories more resilient. They have been matched together according to their climate and geographical characteristics, socio-economic and institutional specificities, and adaptation knowledge (mentor city indicated in bold):

    • Barcelona, Spain and Chania, Greece
    • Copenhagen, Denmark and Antwerp, Belgium
    • Lisbon, Portugal and Florence, Italy
    • Valencia, Spain and Cesena, Italy
    • Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Glasgow, United Kingdom and Stockholm, Sweden
    • Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom and Belfast, United Kingdom
    • Bologna, Italy, Lleida, Spain and the Union of Municipalities of Terra di Leuca, Italy
    • Cascais, Portugal and Ilion, Greece
    • Munich, Germany and Prague, Czech Republic
    • Rouen, France and Stirling, United Kingdom.
    The learning municipality will visit the mentor city to understand how the latter tackled the climate hazards. The first twinning visits will take place in Spring 2016, the last ones in Autumn 2016.
    • More information about the themes that twinned cities will explore is available here

    Since 15 October 2015, Mayors Adapt has merged with the Covenant of Mayors into the New Integrated Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. More info