• 28 Mar 2018

    Nominations are open for the World Mayor Prize 2018!

    The City Mayors Foundation (an international think tank dedicated to local government) awards the World Mayor Prize every two years to a mayor who has made outstanding contributions to his/ her community and has developed a vision for urban living and working that could be used as a reference from towns and cities across the world. The two runners-up receive World Mayor Commendations for Services to Cities.

    The 2018 World Mayor Prize is dedicated to women

    In local government, women are still under-represented, especially if we look at political assignments. According to research by the City Mayors Foundation, only some 20% of the world’s mayors are women. Through this award, the foundation wants to encourage more women to run for office by showing the achievement of other female mayors, demonstrating that such career can be a very promising and rewording option for young women.

    Nominations for exceptional women mayors are now open!

    Women Mayors from all over the world can participate to the contest. The qualities evaluated by the jury will be:

    ·Competence in managing the day-to-day affairs of their cities

    ·Acumen of financial, business and economic affairs

    ·Honesty and integrity in decision-making

    ·Repugnance for using the office of mayor for self-enrichment

    ·Fairness in dealing with the varied needs and concerns of citizens

    ·Ability and ambition to be a mayor for all citizens, irrespective of their cultural, racial or social backgrounds and political beliefs

    ·Passion for fostering tolerance and amity among different communities

    ·Belief in working together with other cities, nationally and internationally

    ·Vision for a city that provides future generations of citizens with prosperity, safety and happiness

    ·Conviction that protecting and enhancing the environment is not optional but an absolute must

    ·Caring for disadvantaged groups of citizens

    ·Agreement to the City Mayors’ Code of Ethics

    Among many other mayors, the below European Covenant signatory mayors have already been nominated:

    ·Gabriela Firea, Mayor of Bucharest (Romania)

    ·Núria Marin Martinez, Mayor of L’Hospitalet de Lobregat (Spain)

    ·Ada Colau Ballano, Mayors of Barcelona (Spain)

    ·Manuela Carmena Castillo, Mayor of Madrid (Spain)

    ·Patrizia Barbieri, Mayor of Piacenza (Italy)

    ·Karin Wanngard, Mayor of Stockholm (Sweden)

    ·Martine Aubry, Mayor of Lille (France)

    ·Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris (France)

    ·Nathalie Appéré, Mayor of Rennes (France)

    ·Françoise Schepmans, Mayor of Molenbeek Saint Jean (Belgium)

    ·Marianne Borgen, Mayor of Oslo (Norway)

    ·Rita Ottervik, Mayor of Trondheim (Norway)

    Do you think your Mayor qualifies for the prize? Then do not hesitate to suggest her nomination! The list will be open until the finalisation of the shortlisted candidates during Summer 2018.