• 05 Jun 2018

    Join the competition for the 2021 EU Green Capital and 2020 EU Green Leaf awards!

    In offering the possibility to become award winners of either the 2021 European Green Capital or of the 2020 European Green Leaf awards, the EU Commission is inviting European cities to compete again for the most prestigious green cities awards at EU level.  European cities aiming at becoming leaders in environmental, social and economic sustainability are called to submit their applications for both awards until the 18th of October 2018.

    Multiple benefits for winners

    For the eleventh time, the European Green Capital Award is offering cities of with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants the opportunity to kick-start its year as a European Green Capital with a reward of EUR 350,000. Likewise, the European Green Leaf Award , open to cities with 20,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, will award the winner with EUR 75,000 to support its activities throughout the year. 

    https://www.eumayors.eu/images/news/EU_Green-Capital_Green-Leaf_Thumb.jpgFurthermore, the winners, as well as shortlisted cities, will gain access to the exclusive European Green Capital Network and European Green Network, which will provide them with support, knowledge and best practices. According to previous winners, already the application process proved to be advantageous in itself, as it guided them in better developing and evaluating their actions. Moreover, a great focus on environmental and climate action projects makes the city more attractive for tourists, increases foreign investment and boosts the local economy while, at the same time, creating employment. 

    How can you become a European Green Capital or European Green Leaf winner?

    The Covenant cities Stockholm, Hamburg, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Nantes, Copenhagen, Bristol, Ljubljana, Essen, Nijmegen, and Oslo have already experienced what it means to be a European Green Capital. Furthermore, the Covenant signatories Leuven, Växjö, Torres Vedras and Mollet del Vallès have been crowned already European Green Leaf. Check the homepages of the 2021 European Green Capital award and the 2020 European Green Leaf award to find out whether your city is ready to follow in their footsteps. Both awards are open to cities from EU Member States, EU Candidate Countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. 

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