• 21 Jan 2019

    Call for applications: join PROSPECT peer learning community!

    The PROSPECT programme enables peer-to-peer learning to help regional and local authorities finance and implement their sustainable energy and climate action plans.

    PROSPECTS 3rd – and last – engagement campaign has been launched on 16 January!

    Building on successful financing schemes implemented in cities and regions across the European Union, PROSPECT allows participants to benefit from the experiences and lessons learnt by their peers so they can launch their own investment programmes.

    PROSPECT is for you whether you have experience of implementing energy efficiency finance schemes or you would like to learn from those who have.

    Who can join? PROSPECT is open to all local authorities: cities, regions and their energy and climate agencies or municipal companies, from EU-28 countries + Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYRoM, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia.


    - The call for mentors is open from 16 January to 6 February 2019
    - The call for mentees will be open from 8 February to 6 March 2019

    Apply here: https://h2020prospect.eu/get-involved

    Don’t miss this last opportunity to join PROSPECT peer-learning community - it already gathers more than 100 participant cities, regions and energy agencies from 24 countries!

    Before submitting your application, please read: